Rice Krispies

I wanted to start off with something easy to make so I decided to make Rice Krispies TreatsⓇ. I think they came out awesome:

You can find the recipe for this here. This treat is something my mom’s been making for me since I was a little kid but I decided to make it myself for the family this time. Our version is just a little different from the one online. Instead of butter we used stick margarine and we used 12 ounces of JET-PUFFED Marshmallows.

Oh boy does this get messy once you melt the marshmallows down and have to mix it together with the cereal ! Everything wants to solidify and stick to the pot so you gotta stir it together as quickly as you can and get it into the greased pan to spread out as fast as you can. They suggest that you can use wax paper or a greased spatula to press down the Rice KrispiesⓇ but I’ve tried both and can tell you that it’ll be easier if you go down the spatula route. The cereal started sticking to the wax paper a lot faster than it did the spatula.

Whatever messiness gets produced from making this (which easily goes away with just letting the pot soak in some hot soapy water) is totally worth it ! The cereal has a little crispy crunch to it, the marshmallow is sticky and sweet and eating this really does bring me back to my childhood (and your own as well I hope).

Also when you’re making a whole 13 x 9 pan’s worth of Rice Krispies TreatsⓇ you don’t have to stick with the same size pieces that you’d get in the store. The website does say to cut them into 2-inch squares but you do you !

I wasn’t paid in any way to promote Rice KrispiesⓇ or JET-PUFFED Marshmallows.

Take care y’all !

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