Remembering my first doughnut making experience

I was watching some Cheap Eats episodes that I have on the dvr starting with the “Eating Vermont” episode back from 10/4/17. They had a restaurant featured on there called “The Doughnut Dilemma”* and their doughnuts looked so good ! I’ve only tried making doughnuts once in the past and they just… did not turn out super great ! I was frying up some apple cider doughnuts and it was hard to maintain the proper temperature (the oil temperature got higher than it should have) so they turned out darker than they probably should have just so the inside could get fully cooked and they had a weird, cracked raised top to them. I regret not taking pictures back then just so you could see them and fully appreciate how rough looking they were. That fail may have been disheartening but it won’t keep me from trying out other doughnut recipes in the future !

*I looked the restaurant up and was bummed to see they actually closed the same year this episode aired.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention Cheap Eats or The Doughnut Dilemma.

Take care y’all !

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