Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge

I’ve always loved eating cookie dough from the time I was a kid so when I saw the title for this recipe, I knew I had to try it.

For the ingredients, she gives you an option between using half-and-half, milk or cream in both the cookie dough and the fudge and I chose to go with half-and-half since it was the first option listed. You also get to choose between 4-5 cups of confectioners’ sugar and she’ll explain why you might choose one over the other but I chose to go with 5 cups.

As far as cooking goes I really only did one thing differently than she specifically said in the directions and that was deciding to try to sift the powdered sugar before it gets mixed in. Turns out when you try to sift a bunch of powdered sugar and let it sit while you’re doing all the steps leading up, it can become all lumpy again and you’re left feeling like you just wasted all that time you spent sifting !

After all was said and done and the fudge had sat in the fridge for the recommended time, the last step was cutting it into individual pieces. Now you’ll see on the website that it says this batch of fudge will yield 36 squares. I may have forgot to look one last time and cut it into 32 pieces so the pictures of fudge I made will look bigger than yours should you do what she says to. This how my batch of fudge turned out:

This really does nail that classic chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. I’m used to fudge not softening so quickly as it does with this recipe but on the bright side, the softer it gets, the more it reminds you of that raw cookie dough texture !

I found this recipe on sally’s baking addiction. If you’d like the recipe, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention sally’s baking addiction.

Take care y’all !

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