Can’t find the right words

I keep trying to think of what to write when I think of the horrific murder of George Floyd and all the other unfortunate black people in the past whose lives have been lost too soon because of cops and I just can’t think of the right words. I’m white so I can’t tell black people that I truly feel their pain because when a cop pulls me over, all I’ve ever worried about was getting a ticket, not about worrying if the cop was gonna kill me even if I did everything they asked. I hope something changes for the better because of these protests so I don’t have to wonder if some of my friends one day will be on the news because someone called the cops on them for things they never did or had a cop ignore them when they say they can’t breathe. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the right words but I hope that one day in my lifetime, I won’t have to.

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