Pita Bread

I do love making sweets but I also like the idea of savory baking as well (bread, biscuits, etc.). Finding pita bread in stores around my town can be a little dicey so when I saw this recipe in Duff Goldman and Sara Gonzales’s book, I decided to try it out.

No confusion over the ingredients specifically listed but in step one they call for “1 1/2 cups of warm water” and I was like “why?”. Why, when people talk about baking being a science and how if water is too hot or too cold that yeast won’t bloom properly, would you just go with a description like “warm water” instead of listing an actual temperature range? I was able to see a Food Network commercial that said warm water should be between 110-120 degrees F. and decided to measure out the water while the thermometer read 120 degrees.

I don’t know if it makes any difference but there’s a point where they’ll say that you need to oil a bowl but they don’t say which kind of oil to use. I decided to go with vegetable oil.

Once the dough’s risen enough and the oven’s preheated, you have to break the dough down into the required amount of balls and then roll each ball out until they’re about 1/4-inch thick. This shows the before and after of doing that:

I placed my first three pitas into the oven and couldn’t wait to see them balloon up. When it came time to pull them out though, they didn’t really balloon. Some of them ballooned a little but nothing like the picture they show in the cookbook ! I actually tried leaving the pita in the oven for a couple more minutes to see if that would help them balloon but instead all it did was make them burnt:

While it wasn’t the success I was hoping for, the pita wasn’t terrible. This is what most of them came out looking out which I think is a good thing:

I wasn’t paid in any way to mention Food Network, Duff Goldman, Sara Gonzales, or the cookbook “Duff Bakes”.

Take care y’all !

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