Big Soft Ginger Cookies

I’m a sucker for soft and/or chewy cookies so when I came across these in a Taste of Home magazine, I knew I was gonna make them !

The ingredients list doesn’t leave much room for interpretation with the exception of the salt and the butter. They never say if you should use unsalted or salted butter (I went with unsalted) and they don’t say what kind of salt to use (table? kosher? sea salt? I went with table salt).

When you make this, part of the instructions mentions gradually adding the flour into the butter mixture, mixing after each addition. As soon as I started mixing the flour in I understood why they said to do this gradually ! In small portions the dough gets thicker, harder to stir and risks a little bit of flour flying out of the bowl. Had I ignored the directions and dumped everything in all at once, the dough would’ve been too hard to blend and probably had half of the flour end up outside the bowl.

Once the dough is blended all together, you have to shape it into “1 1/2-in. balls” (I used my 1 1/2 Tbsp. cookie scooper), roll it in the sugar and then place it on an ungreased baking sheet. I didn’t want to deal with a possible cookie getting stuck to the baking sheet so I lined the sheet with aluminum foil before placing the sugar coated balls on it.

It goes into the oven looking like this:

and 10 to 12 minutes later (10 in my case), they come out looking like this (picture was taken after the cookies were placed on a cooling rack):

When I ate one straight off the baking pan, not giving it time to cool down, the cookie lived up to its name on being soft. Once they cooled down, the bottom half of the cookie firmed up, giving them a crispy texture while the top half was still soft. Now, full disclosure, I started writing this post last night and fell asleep while I was writing it. Woke up, made sure the cookies were in a sealed Ziploc bag & decided to just finish the post today. I ate another one of these cookies and the crispiness from the first day was gone ! All that was left was a wonderfully soft and chewy cookie. The flavor of this cookie just screams fall to me. It has all the wonderful spices of a pumpkin pie without the actual pumpkin (or the heaping amounts of whipped cream that I would be putting on a slice of pumpkin pie). Before I gobble up all these cookies, I’m gonna try seeing how these serve as cookies in an ice cream sandwich !

If you’d like the recipe for these cookies, click here.

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