Southern Biscuits, take one

I have something to confess… I’ve lived in the South most of my life and this was the first time I’ve made biscuits from scratch. I did make a copycat version of Red Lobsters’ cheddar biscuits one time years ago but that doesn’t feel like the same thing as making the kind of biscuits you look forward to making a breakfast sandwich with or spreading some butter, jam or jelly on. Seeing all the layers these biscuits were supposed to have convinced me to try tackling biscuit making.

When you get to the ingredients list, you’ll see that she doesn’t specify what kind of salt to use so I went with table salt. She also says that the 1/2 cup of unsalted butter is supposed to be in one stick. I don’t know about you but it’s already too hot where I live and using two half sticks of butter allows me to be grating half the butter while keeping the other half chilled. Even on a half stick the butter starts to smear on the grater rather than becoming strands near the end of the stick (it’s just that hot and humid here). This is still after the first stick’s been in the freezer for 15 minutes.

The dough is mixed together and it’s time to start shaping it into a rectangle. I lay out the parchment paper, place the dough on it, flour my hands and get the dough into a rectangle shape. I cut it into thirds and as I’m starting to try and stack the dough, I notice I’m having a hard time lifting the dough, like it just wants to stick to the paper. That’s when it hits me… I forgot to flour the freaking parchment paper !!! I have to try and scrape all the dough off so I can flour the paper like I was supposed to at the very beginning. When the dough was back on the parchment paper, it looked like it was a big blob-like mess so instead of cutting and stacking the dough 3 times, I decided to do it 4 times. You can choose to use one of the bigger circular cutters but I went with the 2 1/2-inch circle cutter.

Finally the biscuits are in the oven and I check on them at the 10-minute mark. The biscuits looked too pale so I checked on them after another 5 minutes (15 minutes was the maximum suggested time, otherwise it’s suggested to bake them until they look “golden”). At 15 minutes, it definitely looked done ! I was afraid I’d burnt the bottom of the biscuits ’cause they looked like this:

Surprisingly the biscuits didn’t taste burnt at all ! They were buttery with a bit of crunch on the bottom and yeah, most of them didn’t rise up and look like a proper biscuit:

but these turned out well enough that I’m gonna keep making them until they all come out looking good !

If you’d like the recipe for this, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention Red Lobster or a recipe from little figgy.

Take care y’all !

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