Sorry it’s been a couple of days

I know I haven’t posted in a few days, sorry. The first day, my left shoulder was really bothering me so I was trying to avoid using it as much as possible. Yesterday it was just a case of trying to figure out what I want to do with my “diet”. I don’t like restricting myself from making whatever looks good to me but I have to think of my health. While it doesn’t stop me from doing what I set my mind to, I’ve lived with pretty much constant aches and pain for years now. I gave up eating meat and drinking alcohol a while back but I was still experiencing pain which was really frustrating. I talked to my mom (who’s pretty much vegan) and she said that when she drastically cut back on how much sugar she was having, her own back pain seemed to disappear. I’m desperate enough that I’m gonna try going vegan and cut back on how much sugar I consume. I’m still going to keep baking and making desserts, I just won’t be eating nearly as much of each dish. I hope you’ll still enjoy coming back to see what I have to post !

Take care y’all !

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