It’s been a day

So I wake up late but once I’m up I eat breakfast and get started on trying out this vegan chocolate cake recipe. I make it, really like it and after I’m done taking pictures decide to check my email account. To my surprise, somebody has used my email to set up an account on a website I’ve never been to so they could get something shipped to them. I start panicking ’cause I don’t know if they got ahold of the information on one of my cards & bought it that way or not & do I need to call & cancel any cards? I call the company & they say this problem will be sent up to corporate but when I ask how quickly they can remove my email from the account they say it’ll take six weeks ! While I did change my email, the whole experience just felt draining ! I hope none of y’all have to go through stupid crap like this.

Stay safe on the internet y’all !

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