Glazed Orange Loaf

This was the first baked good I made after deciding to go towards being vegan and I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out but it looked like it was worth a try !

In their ingredients list, they call for soy milk (I used plain unsweetened), flour (I used all-purpose flour), and “juice of 1 medium orange”. I have no clue what a medium-sized orange is ! They don’t sell oranges in stores based off their size so I just grabbed an orange and measured out the juice in a liquid measuring cup (got about 1/3 cup worth of juice). The recipe also calls for orange zest but they list it down at the very end so don’t do what I did and forget to read the whole list, throwing away the first orange after it was juiced and having to use up another orange just for the zest.

The directions are easy enough to follow. Using parchment paper did make it easy to pull out the loaf when it was done baking however I couldn’t get the paper to stay smooth when I was lining the pan so my loaf came out looking… different than the shape of the actual pan.

I left the loaf in the pan while pouring the glaze over it, causing the bottom of the loaf to look a little soggy but it didn’t ruin the texture of the dish.

Finally the loaf was cool enough to cut and I couldn’t wait to try a piece (which is why you’ll see one end missing in the first picture). Oh my god, this was good. You could definitely taste the orange in this, the glaze made it sweeter but not so sweet that you couldn’t enjoy it for breakfast, dessert or just as a snack at any given time !

One piece of advice though, after you slice this, wrap it up (I used plastic wrap). The loaf will start to lose a little bit of its moisture and tenderness after it’s cut (not instantly but still).

This recipe came from “Vegan Junk Food” by Lane Gold (expanded edition).

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote the cookbook or Lane Gold.

Take care y’all !

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