I forgot to take pictures, I was too focused on eating.

I decided to try out delish’s recipe for “best-ever chocolate chip cookies” from their cookbook “Insane Sweets”. You can actually find it on their website but there it’s called “Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies“. Both versions call for packed brown sugar but don’t say whether to use light or dark so I used light brown sugar. Both call for 3 ounces of chocolate chopped but the book adds on that it’s supposed to equal out to about 1/3 cup… it won’t. It’ll be more than 1/3 cup but you better believe that I went with the ounces rather than the 1/3 cup (I love chocolate too much to pass on chocolate simply ’cause it didn’t fit into the measuring cup).

I’m not used to recipes saying they want cookies to be spaced 3 inches apart but once the cookies baked I understood why, these are big cookies ! The cookbook version ends with the baking time but the online version tells you how long to leave them on the pan before transferring them to a cooling rack. Kind of important information that I wish they’d included in the book !

Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to try these. I’ve loved eating Toll House cookies for so many years thinking they were the best chocolate chip cookies that I never tried other chocolate chip cookie recipes figuring I’d just be disappointed. Boy was I wrong ! The edges of these cookies have a little crispiness to them but the middle was soft. The chopped chocolate wasn’t all soft or melted like the chocolate chips so it added another texture to the cookie. These were at their best when they’d just come out of the oven but mommy and me were still enjoying them long after they were cooled down. Oh yeah, totally not related to what it’s like eating these cookies but this recipe says you’re supposed to get 15 cookies from this but I actually got 20. I swear that I followed their amounts called for and used a 3 tablespoon cookie scooper but alas, I got more cookies out of this recipe than they did. Considering how awesome these taste, I ain’t mad about that at all !

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote Toll House or delish.

Take care y’all !

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