I can use the kitchen sink again !

I thought for sure that we were gonna have to call a plumber to solve the problem but my dad took apart one section of the pipe and got all that horrendous gunk out and now the sink is running again, thank God ! I still keep looking at the drain expecting the water to rise up but it hasn’t yet. As long as the milk doesn’t go bad, I’m gonna make some cupcakes tomorrow.

Thanks a lot pipes !

I’m 99.9% sure something is clogging the kitchen sink so we started using the bathroom sink to wash dishes. That was doing the trick until yesterday when we realized running the bathroom sink is causing water to pool up in the kitchen sink ! So I don’t know how much baking I’ll be getting done or not. The less dirty dishes right now, the better !

Worse case scenario, until this problem gets solved, the only baking I’ll be doing is in Sims 4.

Going back to work

I finally got a message today from my employer saying that we’re opening back up September 3 but we may come in sooner than that for “maintenance” purposes (I think that means that we’re gonna be doing A LOT of cleaning). It’ll be nice to work and bring in a paycheck in (God knows my family could use whatever money I can bring in) but it’s gonna feel weird to be back at work. I work at a theater so I’m not sure how much business we’ll get or not (at least at the beginning). I just hope the number of coronavirus cases don’t spike when the theater opens. I know the theater won’t open unless they can keep customers safe but all the precautions in the world won’t help if sick people choose to come in rather than stay home.

Pictures tomorrow

I tried out a cake batter popsicle recipe yesterday & am letting it sit in the freezer all day today. Tomorrow I’ll take pics and let you know how things went !

Hope you have a great day today. Take care y’all !

Kuddos to vegans

I tried being vegan guys, I swear I did… but it didn’t stick ! I just enjoy eating meat and dairy too much to give it up. I have so much respect for the people out there who can stick to the vegan diet but it’s just not for me. Just felt like I should let you readers know so you don’t come on the site expecting it to be strictly vegan recipes and then you see a recipe involving cheese, eggs, milk, bacon, etc. and feel bamboozled or lied to.

Stay safe and take care y’all !

It’s been a day

So I wake up late but once I’m up I eat breakfast and get started on trying out this vegan chocolate cake recipe. I make it, really like it and after I’m done taking pictures decide to check my email account. To my surprise, somebody has used my email to set up an account on a website I’ve never been to so they could get something shipped to them. I start panicking ’cause I don’t know if they got ahold of the information on one of my cards & bought it that way or not & do I need to call & cancel any cards? I call the company & they say this problem will be sent up to corporate but when I ask how quickly they can remove my email from the account they say it’ll take six weeks ! While I did change my email, the whole experience just felt draining ! I hope none of y’all have to go through stupid crap like this.

Stay safe on the internet y’all !

It’s her birthday

It’s my mom’s birthday today and we’re just trying to enjoy the day. Currently, that means watching The Amazing Race from the beginning. It’s so weird seeing the differences between season one and the most current season !

Take care y’all !

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention The Amazing Race.

Rest In Peace Gemini

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, we (mommy and me) had to put down our last outdoor cat Gemini.

He’d been diagnosed with feline leukemia & FIV a while back but he’d gone downhill recently and we were able to get a vet appointment yesterday. We knew it was time to put him to sleep but it didn’t make it any easier saying goodbye to him. He was a really sweet cat who’d follow you around no matter where you went. Sometimes he’d want affection more than food ! I’m gonna miss the guy.