Copycat McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

It’s been years since I went to a McDonald’s but even then, it was never at the right time to try out their Shamrock shake so when I saw this copycat recipe online I figured, why not?

I tried it out and this is how it turned out looking:

This came out having a thick, creamy consistency but I did find out that to fully enjoy it, you gotta take small sips. Too big a sip and you start to get that artificial taste in your mouth from the extract. Smaller sips just give you a nice minty flavor. I used extra creamy whipped cream from a can which I had no problem with flavor or texture-wise but it sucked at supporting the weight of the maraschino cherry ! That cherry started to sink down as soon as I placed it on top of the whipped cream so if you’re going to make this yourself and plan on posting pictures of it, move quickly !

The recipe for this came from delish. Click here if you’d like the recipe.

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote McDonald’s or delish.

Take care y’all !

Blueberry Ripple Ice Cream

Well I finally took pictures of the ice cream I made yesterday:

This is a quick recipe to whip up if you’ve already got the components on hand ! You could eat it the same day you make it, I just wasn’t sure how long it’d take for the ice cream to become “scoopable” & figured letting it sit overnight out to do the trick. I actually had to let the ice cream sit in fridge for 10 minutes for it to become scoopable. I did go with Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla that comes in a 1 1/2 quart container (but of course, pick whichever brand you like the most) and instead of trying to dig out 1/3 of the ice cream in the container, I just tripled how much jam was being used. I really like the blend of the ice cream with the jam. When you take a bite, the vanilla is what you taste first but it ends with the flavor of the jam. Mommy liked it so much that she was sad when she finished her helping of the ice cream !

This recipe came from bon appetit. If you’d like the recipe, click here.

I wasn’t paid in any form to mention bon app├ętit or Blue Bunny.

So close, yet so far: ice cream

I’ve got a tub of ice cream in the freezer and having a heaping bowl full of it sounds awesome but I’ve been on my feet all day and now that I’m sitting down, I just don’t feel like getting up and pulling it out from all the other food that’s on top of it. Am I being lazy? Probably but I don’t care. I’ll just settle for staring at pics of ice cream on Instagram & try to convince my stomach that I’m eating those ice creams.